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Testimonials from our work

The below are testimonials from QuoteWerks users that have worked with Prestige Quoting

QuoteWerks Testimonial Richard Tubb
QuoteWerks Testimonial Tubblog
Richard Tubb
Independent IT Business Consultant

"I've had the opportunity to work closely with Matt on a number of occasions, both as a business partner, and as a consultant I have hired to assist my business. 

Matt benefits from being a really strong and personable communicator, client focused and very technically knowledgeable.

This makes Matt somebody who is easy to work with and somebody who delivers great results to those he works with. 

I'm not alone in referring to Matt as world class in the work he delivers around QuoteWerks.

He simply is that good. 


I've no hesitation in recommending Matt and his work to others."

QuoteWerks Testimonial
Brian Laufer
Vice President, QuoteWerks Dev. Team

"I have worked with Matt for many years. Outside of Aspire, there are few people that know QuoteWerks better!


He always thinks of outside the box ideas and people enjoy working with him.

In fact, I was at a conference stateside this week where two different companies mentioned Matt without prompting and had nothing but great things to say about him.


I would recommend working with Matt on any project!"


Alex Markov.jpg
QuoteWerks Testimonial
Alex Markov
CEO, Red Key Solutions

"We have worked with Matt for years. He is a true magician with Quotewerks.

He has evolved our entire quoting experience for clients. We have redesigned our quote template, quotevalet and tweaked more settings then I can name.

We really would not have been able to do it without him.


Matt Rose and Prestige is one of our most important partners. I am just upset that we spend 10+ years running an MSP without him. Prestige Quoting is the best Quotewerks consultancy we have ever found. Every Quotewerks user would benefit to know Matt."


Ryan McCleary
Project Manager, Davenport Group

"We reached out to Matt because we needed some help working through a QuoteWerks / SalesForce integration initiative.


His approach was a perfect balance of creativity and know-how. Not only did the work that we hired Matt to do come through better than expected, our conversations unlocked hidden potential to use QuoteWerks for a couple other projects. Thanks Matt!"




QuoteWerks Testimonial
Mat Stocks
Managing Director, pacIT Technical Services

"Having met with other MSP’s in the UK, Prestige Quoting was recommended by an existing customer, who spoke very highly of Matts services, so we asked for an introduction. 


Without a doubt, the implementation of such a vastly configurable product would have taken weeks, maybe even months of learning and coding. Using Prestige Quoting has streamlined the entire process and allowed us to take advantage of our investment within just a few days of ordering.


I can confidently say that within a matter of a month, QuoteWerks has almost paid for itself, and I’m really not exaggerating that."

Neil Denning Support Tree
QuoteWerks Testimonial SupportTree
Neil Denning
Director, Support Tree

"We’ve known Matt for a number of years and are pleased to see him form his own business.

Moving to Prestige Quoting was an obvious choice for us.


Whenever we’ve wanted a report written, layouts redesigned or just have a general query; Matt is quick to understand the requirement and his work makes an immediate, positive impact on our business processes.


We’ve recently recommended him to one of our clients, this shows our trust in the service that Prestige Quoting provide!"

QuoteWerks Testimonial Q Associates
Wayne Jacobs
Account Manager, Q Associates

"I had the privilege of being introduced to Matt when I needed support rolling out QuoteWerks and it quickly became apparent that he not only knew the product inside and out but he also had an intense focus on me achieving my goals.


With his insight and suggestions I was able to get the system in great shape and he guided me on introducing many processes I had not considered and features I didn't even know about.


He is amazing at what he does and I would advise anybody looking for support to talk to Matt, the rest will be plain sailing!"


QuoteWerks Testimonial Easylife IT
Lindsey Hall
Director, Easylife IT

"After implementing QuoteValet, we have found it to be a revelation and invaluable.

The quote is now delivered via a link in an email which leads to a nicely branded dynamic web page.


The customer has the opportunity to select options, amend quantities and accept the quotation by electronic signature. We have found the decision time to order has been radically reduced and quotes are converted to orders much quickerCross-sell and up-sell opportunities have also improved with customers seemingly much happier to add a new wireless keyboard or bigger screen.


We are very pleased with Quotevalet; and we haven’t even started playing with the integration with payment platforms yet!"

QuoteWerks Testimonial Myson Pages
QuoteWerks Testimonial Myson Page
David Brereton
Director, Myson Pages

"Since we started Myson, we have always quoted the same way. A Word document for the text and Excel for the numbers.


Since seeing Matt demonstrate QuoteWerks, we’ve realised we needed to up our game and give ourselves an advantage.

With QuoteWerks and QuoteValet there is now one tool for both, and some unbelievable analytics – we can see who is looking to buy and when. Having Matt come and set this all up for us made our move as quick and as successful as it could be.


We know we’ve got some great support to help us develop this solution too with Matt being a QuoteWerks MVP. Thanks Matt!"

QuoteWerks Testimonial Spotlight Sound
Sam Dimond
Director, Spotlight Sound

"Matt was very helpful in showing us through the Quotewerks system and was able to answer the questions I had.


He was able to assist with setup and create custom PDF reports for me to my, very, precise requirements."

QuoteWerks Testimonial Spotlight Sound
QuoteWerks Testimonial Moor
Peter Jady
Sales and Marketing Manager, Moor Instruments

"As recent starters with QuoteWerks, it is becoming more and more apparent what benefits this software will bring for us.


Having tried another supplier, we have found that implementation with Prestige has been a much better, pain free experience.

They have been most professional and accommodating to get our teams set up and integrated in the UK, Germany and USA."

QuoteWerks Testimonial Sano
Paul Manna
President, Sano Sports Group USA

"Prestige Quoting has been an excellent resource for my company.

Their ability to execute complex tasks is unmatched. I highly recommend Matt and his team."

QuoteWerks Testimonial AE Business Solutions
QuoteWerks Testimonial
Amy Ragatz
Director of Financial Operations, AE Business Solutions
"We reached out to Matt for some general items and he responded within hours; probably less!  Pretty good customer service given there is quite a time change between the two of us. 
We’ve been working with him for several months on several projects and he’s been great at getting everything done very quickly.  He’s helped us set up several templates and unique documents and reports and it has saved us a bunch of time! 
He’s extremely knowledgeable with the system and we haven’t been able to stump him yet!"
QuoteWerks Testimonial Envision Technology
QuoteWerks Testimonial Envision
Brent Ouellette
Vice President Vendor Operations, Envision Technology Advisors, LLC
"Matt helped us with a QuoteWerks need that went beyond normal support.  His approach was creative and clever, and resulted in helping us complete our initiative in a way that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. 
As long time QuoteWerks users, we would highly recommend Matt’s services!"
Andrew Paulette
Owner, Positive Outcomes International
"If ever you look at the QuoteWerks forums, Matt Rose’s name always appears and he is the one that always seems to have the answers.  It was for this reason that I had no hesitation in approaching Matt to do some configuration work for my quote valet design and for my printable quote layout.
I couldn’t be happier with the work that Matt has done for us. Our quotes now look far more professional, the printed proposal version has a far more integrated feel and most importantly, even our complex proposals can be clearly understood from the client’s perspective.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Matt and Prestige Quoting to anyone wanting to take their QuoteWerks implementation to the next level"
Alexa Coffman
Owner, Contractor Business Solutions NW, LLC
"Our company has been using QuoteWerks for several years, and had always managed to clumsily troubleshoot on our own.
When we finally encountered some issues we couldn't handle, Matt stepped in and was able to quickly and easily resolve our problems, and even wrote a code for QuoteValet to address a need specific to our company.
We will absolutely come to Prestige Quoting in the future when we inevitably need help again!"


Scott Sanford
CEO, Healthy IT
"It was by chance that I happened on Matt Rose of Prestige Quoting… 
Having used QuoteWerks and then switching to Quosal, and then finally back to QW, I had some data that needed cleaning up and Matt was a pleasure to work with. He was fast, personable and most importantly: A LASER to the source of the issue and has really corrected my system.
I couldn’t be happier! 
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