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Online Chat for QuoteValet

Read more to find out the benefits of offering online chat to your clients

Why Online Chat ?

Clients are demanding ever increasing levels of service and often expect very prompt responses.

With Online Chat for QuoteValet, your clients can interact with your team in real-time.

What next?

Complete the form on this page and one of our team will be in touch to discuss further.

PC / MAC / Phone

Your Online Chat agent can be deployed on Windows, MAC, iOS and Android devices.

Just imagine being able to respond to client queries about your quote from your mobile device in real-time!



Adding Online Chat to your QuoteValet templates is straightforward. 

We've created a process that means you can be up and running within one hour!

Prestige Quoting will implement Online Chat into your QuoteValet Template(s) as a one-time service.


There are no ongoing costs associated with this service.


Video Below

Check out the video below to see this functionality in action.

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