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Why QuoteWerks for your IT Company?

Below are just a few highlights of why you should choose QuoteWerks for your IT business

Lots of Testimonials here from IT Companies using QuoteWerks

Distributor Integration

You no longer have to download & import product files from the major distributors.


We compare pricing, giving you product pictures, customer friendly descriptions, product comparisons and much more..

Distributors include Ingram Micro, Tech Data, Wescoast, Northamber and more..

Online Quote Delivery

QuoteWerks present online quotes (PDF option also available) which brings quoting to the 21st century.


Incorporating multiple options, video, of all, you'll know when clients are viewing your quotes!

It will even prompt users if quotes haven't been viewed or are due to expire!

Accuracy & Consistency

Errors can very easily be introduced into quoting when accidentally mistyping a number, or changing a totaling formula, and now you have a calculation error which may be difficult to track down.


QuoteWerks improves your quote accuracy and can validate that all information has been captured such as part numbers and cost pricing.​

Management Reporting

QuoteWerks gives you real-time information on your business in seconds. 


This can include; total outstanding quotes, most profitable client, lost quotes this month, and much.. much more!


We create reports to your exact specification.


Already using a CRM, PSA or Accounting solution in your business? QuoteWerks integrates with leading solutions such as ACT!, MS CRM, Salesforce, ConnectWise and Autotask.


On the Accounting side, we remove duplication between Sage and Quickbooks.



Quoting with QuoteWerks is fast​!


All your client information, product information and document templates are available from one application.


No duplication of data, minimise hopping between multiple applications, no formatting of your quote template and worrying about calculating totals and tax rates. 

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