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Development & Integrations

Using the skills of experienced developers we can help make software that doesn't talk, talk!

We can also design custom solutions to your specific requirements.

Sage 50 QuoteWerks Integration
Sage 50 UK Integration

Using the established ConnectIT-Sage50 Integration, we enable the QuoteWerks user to create the current active QuoteWerks document in Sage.


Create new products, customers and suppliers in Sage without needing to leave the QuoteWerks application.


And much, much more!

Advanced Searching

ConnectIt-Workflow QuoteWerks Document Open Utility allows the QuoteWerks user to perform advanced searches of the QuoteWerks Documents database.


The utility not only allows the QuoteWerks user to search the usual Document Header fields, but also Document Item fields.​

ChatGPT Integration

Leverage the power of ChatGPT inside QuoteWerks. 

This integration makes it easier for for your clients and prospect to say "Yes!"

Implementation in < 1 hour and you'll see how your quotes can be much more detailed within only a few seconds.

$250/yr and $100 (optional) implementation.

Contact Us for more information

Video of the integration here.

QuoteWerks Validations Module
Validation Module

ConnectIt-Workflow QuoteWerks Validation Module manages entries on a QuoteWerks document to ensure that QuoteWerks has all the required information at each step in the job life-cycle.


When an error is detected the user is prompted and asked to correct the problem before they are allowed to continue.

Straightforward to install and set up with user-friendly configuration screens and lots of options means your system becomes instantly more accurate.​

Find & Replace

ConnectIt-Workflow QuoteWerks Find & Replace Utility allows the QuoteWerks user to search a (or several) field(s) of the QuoteWerks Documents database and replace one piece of text with another.


The utility not only allows the QuoteWerks user to search Document Header fields, but also Document Item fields.The ConnectIt-Workflow Find & Replace Utility is highly configurable, allowing the individual QuoteWerks user to set up their own set of fields and settings to search Documents.

QuoteWerks Xero Integration Prestige Quoting
QuoteWerks Xero Integration Prestige Quoting
Xero Integration

Quote to Cloud brings the power of full featured quoting and proposal creation to Xero for a complete Quote-to-Invoice workflow.

Functionality includes removing any duplication of data between QuoteWerks and Xero.

Create Contacts, Suppliers, Sales Orders, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Line Items and much more.

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