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Addons and

Want to get even more out of your QuoteWerks?
Consider these industry leadings addons and integrations

the QuoteWerks / Sage50 Integration

ConnectIt-Sage50 integration streamlines operations between QuoteWerks and Sage 50, significantly saving time and enhancing productivity for businesses.

  • Time-saving: Automates the creation of documents and data transfer, reducing manual data entry and the associated errors.

  • Efficiency: Enables the management of multi-vendor documents and "back-to-back" document combinations from a single interface, streamlining processes.

  • Enhanced Data Management: Simplifies the addition of new products, customers, and suppliers in Sage directly through QuoteWerks, eliminating the need for dual entries and speeding up transaction processing.

Field Validation, Document Auto-updates, and much more...

ConnectIt-Workflow enhances QuoteWerks with critical field validation functionality, ensuring data accuracy and compliance throughout the sales quoting process.

  • Robust Field Validation: Integrates a validation module to enforce entry of all necessary information, preventing process progression without complete data.

  • Error Reduction: Reduces data entry errors significantly by ensuring that every piece of information meets predefined criteria before submission.

  • Compliance Assurance: Guarantees compliance with business rules and regulations by meticulously validating data against established standards, enhancing overall document integrity.

The power of QuoteWerks and ChatGPT

ConnectIt-Assist merges QuoteWerks with OpenAI ChatGPT, streamlining quotation creation with advanced language processing capabilities for improved accuracy and customer engagement.

  • Enhanced Quote Quality: Utilises ChatGPT to refine quotations, correcting typos, grammar, and punctuation, and translating technical details into customer-friendly language.

  • Efficiency in Quote Production: Accelerates proposal drafting by semi-automating content generation, reducing the effort required from the user.

  • Customisable Interactions: Offers settings to adjust the creativity and detail of ChatGPT responses, with support for multiple languages and the ability to fine-tune responses for specific needs.

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